Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming




This book is the second volume of a two-volume work on interactive 3D graphics programming under Linux. First, let’s look at the two-volume work as a whole, then we’ll look morespecifically at the contents of this volume.
Taken as a whole, the two-volume work aims to provide you with the knowledge, code, and tools to program top-notch, object-oriented, real-time 3D games and interactive graphics applications for Linux, which can also easily be ported to other platforms. By working through both volumes, you will learn to use the most important techniques, tools, and libraries for Linux 3D graphics: portals, OpenGL/Mesa, Xlib, 3D hardware acceleration, collision detection, shadows,object-oriented techniques, and more. We also cover the often neglected topic of 3D modeling,
illustrating in detail how to use the professional 3D modeling package Blender, which is included on the CD-ROM, to create animated 3D models and portal worlds for use in our interactive 3D programs


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